This particular name could sound strange, for a business focused on analyzing US mortgage REITs and based between Alsace and the Black Forest. Besides the fact that we liked the name, there are two underlying symbols we thought were particularly relevant.

First, Amerigo Vespucci's name is that of a well-known explorer, and we feel like the advanced work we have done on mortgage REITs has truly been a discovery process. To the extent of our knowledge, in the world of mortgage REITs we've been where no one has been before.

Second, there is in fact a strong connection between Alsace and what Amerigo Vespucci is most famous for. The following paragraph, written by Alsatian Matthias Ringmann, was the first appearance of "America" in print. The first map with America on it was also printed in Strasbourg.

There is a fourth quarter of the world which Amerigo Vespucci has discovered and which for this reason we can call 'America' or the land of Americo. […] We do not see why the name of the man of genius, Amerigo, who has discovered them, should not be given to these lands, as Europe and Asia have adopted the names of women.

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